Zuppa del giorno

Home made soup of the day

Pollo Di Parma

Thin slices of Italian parma roll filled with chicken, soft cheese, avocado flavoured with olive

Bruschettine con zucchini(V) (VG)Mozzarella can be replaced with vegan cheese

Three pieces of toasted bread topped with grilled courgettes cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

Polpetta Al Forno

Oven cooked beef meatballs in tomato sauce topped with mozzarella, served with Italian bread

Festa Di Mare Marinata (GF)

Steamed cooked mussel, calamari, king prawn and red peppers marinated with garlic olive oil, served on a bed of salad

Avocado E Gamberetti (GF)

Avocado filled with peeled prawns, topped with cocktail sauce, served on a bed of salad

Aglio Baguette (VG) (add cheese or tomato sauce for £1.50)

Garlic pizza bread with herbs

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Insalata Di Halumi E Spinach (V) (GF)

Warm halloumi cheese served on a bed of sautéed spinach, cherry tomatoes, egg& potatoes with a balsamic

Insalata Nizzarda(GF)

Crispy salad leaves with olives, egg, potatoes, green beans, tuna and anchovies dressing

Insalata Cesaer

Crispy salad leaves with croutons, crispy bacon, grilled chicken and Cesar dressing

Insalata Tricolore(V)(GF)

Sliced tomatoes, avocado and buffalo mozzarella

Insalata Di Positano GF)

Steamed cooked king prawn, calamari, mussel, and red peppers marinated with parsley garlic olive oil, served on a bed of salad

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Thik cut chips(Vegan)(GF)

Potato wedges(Vegan)

Sauteed spinach (Vegan)(GF)

Marinated olives (Vegan)(GF)

Mixed leaves salad (Vegan)(GF)

Insalata Caprese (Tomato& mozzarella salad) (GF)

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