Shrimp Cocktail
Pan Seared Shrimp
Steak Entree
Steak Skillet
Pasta Primavera
Pizza 2
Braised Wild Salmon
Grilled Steak
Mixed Greens
Pâte Delight

Main Course

Seafood Dishes

Filetto di spigola di Carlo (GF)

Pan fried seabass fillet served with Sautéed spinach &roasted potatoes flavoured with fresh lemon juice

Filetto di salmone in salsa tzatziki (GF)

Roasted fillet of salmon served with sautéed asparagus, potatoes and tzatziki (Greek yogurt sauce)

Rotolo Di Branzino Alla Mugnaia

Rolled seabass fillet with smoked salmon &courgette, served in a garlic, butter,parsley white wine sauce & roasted potato

Duetto Di Calamari E Gamberoni (GF)

Pan fried king prawns with grilled squids on a bed of rocket salad topped with “Salmoriglio” cold Sicilian fish sauce, served with roasted potatoes


Risotto Ai Porcini(V)(GF) (For Vegans Mozzarella can be replaced with vegan cheese)

Risotto with porcini mushrooms, shallots and garlic in a creamy parmesan cheese sauce

Risotto Con Salsiccia E Broccoli (GF)

Italian sausage& broccoli risotto in tomato sauce flavoured with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Risotto Alla Pescatora(HOT)(GF)

Risotto with king prawns, mussel, calamari, garlic and touch of chillies in a cherry tomato sauce flavoured with lemon

Chicken Dishes

Pollo Dorato

Pan-fried breaded chicken breast topped with ham, asparagus &mozzarella in a creamy tomato basil sauce&roasted potatoes

Pollo In Salsa Bianca

Breast of chicken with mushrooms in a white sauce, served with salad garnish & Chips or potato wedges

Petto Di Pollo In Crema Di Limoni E Capperi(GF)

Fried chicken breast with garlic, lemon& caper in a butter parsley wine sauce, served with roasted vegetable& Potatoes

Petto Di Pollo Cajun (GF)

Grilled chicken breast with Cajun spices, avocado, rice, sour cream & garnish

Steaks & Burgers

Fegato Burro E Salvia (GF)

Pan fried calf liver in a light butter, and sage sauce with roasted vegetables &potatoes

Tagliata Di Manzo Alla Griglia 12 Oz(GF)

Grilled sirloin steak cut, on a bed of rocket salad, with olive oil, garlic&cherry tomatoes, served with roasted potatoes

Bistecca Di Manzo Alla Pizzaiola 12 Oz(GF)

Pan fried sirloin steak cooked in a garlic, caper, black olives and juicy Napoli sauce, served with sautéed spinach in a garlic and chilli olive oil, and roasted potatoes

Bistecca Di Agnello All Aglio 12 Oz (GF)

Grilled lamb steak marinated in a garlic rosemary olive oil, served with sautéed spinach in a garlic and chilli olive oil, and roasted potatoes

Hamburger Di Manzo (add crispy pancetta for £1.50)

Home-made burger with mozzarella, lettuce & tomato, gherkins served with fries & salad

Hamburger Di Pollo (add crispy pancetta for £1.50)

Breaded chicken fillet with lettuce, tomato, gherkins & sweet chilli, served with chips & salad

Fresh Pasta

Ravioli Ai Porcini Con Tartufo Nero (V)

Fresh Ravioli pasta filled with cheese and porcini mushrooms, served in a porcini mushroom &black truffle creamy sauce

Gnocchi Al Ragu Con Piselli

Tender homemade gnocchi with beef ragu and green peas in tomato sauce

Tortelloni Di Pancetta E Zucchine

Fresh Tortelloni filled with ricotta & spinach served in a white creamy sauce with pancetta, courgette & cherry tomatoes

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggio (V)

Tender homemade gnocchi in a creamy mozzarella, parmesan, goat cheese and gorgonzola sauce

Pasta Dishes

Penne arrabiata (VG)(Meduim Hot)

Pasta with a spicy tomato sauce or you can have it not spicy

Penne Primavera (VG)

Penne pasta with grilled vegetables in Napoli sauce

Linguine Di Zucchine E Broccoli (V) (For Vegans Mozzarella can be replaced with vegan cheese)

Linguine pasta with courgette, broccoli & cherry tomatoes in a creamy sauce

Penne Alla Calabrese (Medium Hot)

Penne with spicy Calabria salami, mushrooms, garlic, chilies, cherry tomatoes, and parsley in a tomato sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese

Classic meat ragu

Spaghetti Meatballs

Spaghatti tossed in our tangy tomato &herb sauce with beef meatballs

Spaghetti Carbonara

Pancetta, egg, Parmesan & cream

Penne Pollo Crema e Funghi

Chicken pieces with mushrooms in a white creamy sauce.

Orecchiette con salsiccia

Traditional ear shaped pasta from Apulia served with Italian sausages, broccoli and ewe cheese

Linguine aifrutti di mare

Linguine in a light sauce of Mixed seafood, courgettes and cherry tomatoes

Linguine Al Granchio

Linguini pasta with garlic, cherry tomatoes, crab meat in a creamy tomato sauce

Lasagne al Forno

Classic home-made oven baked lasagne


Margherita(V)(VG)Mozzarella can be replaced with vegan cheese

ClassicMozzarella ,tomato&freshbasil


Mozzarela ,tomato sauce Parma Ham&rocket leaves

Fiorentina (V)(For Vegans Mozzarella can be replaced with vegan cheese)

Mozzarella ,spinach, egg , black olives & tomato sauce

Carnosa (Meat feast )

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, marínated chicken, Bolognese and smoky bacon

Picantina (Meduim Hot)

Mozzarella ,tomato sauce ,Italian salami&chillies


Mozzarela ,Tomato sauce ,Parma Ham ,rostedpeppers ,anchovies , capers , olives &egg

Diavola (Meduim Hot)

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, chilli peppers, spicy chorizo, parmesan cheese

Prosciuttto e funghi

Mozzarela ,tomato sauce ,mushrooms & ham


Mozzarela ,tomato sauce ,pancetta, spicy salami,onion & parmesan cheese

Quattro Formaggi (V)

Mozzarella ,Dolcelate ,Taleggio ,Parmesantomato sauce


Tomato sauce topped with aubergine,garlic, mozzarella ball,cherry tomatoes & parmesan cheese

Vegetariana (V)(For Vegans Mozzarella can be replaced with vegan cheese)

Mozzarella ,tomato&roasted vegetables

Pizza Bianca(V) (For Vegans Mozzarella can be replaced with vegan cheese)

Mozzarella, caramelized onion, mushrooms, garlic and herbs


Any of theabove pizzas foldedwithtomato sauce


Grilled Chicken. Italian Salami . Panceta.Roasted Ham . Parma Ham.Chorizo. Anchovis.Tuna,Egg ,Caper.Black Olives · Spinach · Chillies · Peppers · Mushrooms · Onions · Sundried Tomatoes

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